Yasoo! Welcome to our website and welcome to the land of sun, history, immense culture and astounding beauty.

If you want Greece to come to life in every way, but do not want to take part in a big tour group and follow the common tourist routes, then you need the guidance of a local – and what better than a friendly and cultured licensed professional guide to take you around? Here we come.

So just relax, choose your favourite destinations and let us help you to get the most out of your journey in our mythological and amazing country.

  • Athens


    Once the cradle of civilization and democracy, now a contemporary metropolis ready to unveil its history to you... more

  • Islands


    Like a diamond gleaming over the blue texture of the Mediterranean sea, each one of the Greek islands awaits you to unfold its treasures… more

  • Cruises


    Whether you are traveling on a cruise ship or want to rent a motor yacht or sailing boat, we can help you arrange your own private itinerary and eventually guide you… more

  • Rest of Greece


    Get the best among the rest. Our mainland is beautiful and rich, so don't miss your chance to take an extended land tour... more